Wheel of Growth


The Wheel of Growth is a concept that was created to help visualize and understand the process of physical, personal, and professional development. It serves as a framework for achieving success by breaking down growth into manageable and interconnected segments. Essentially, it revolves around the idea that growth is a continuous, cyclical process where each area of life impacts the others.

The goal is to identify gaps in these areas of life and create plans to close them using a Life Operating System.

The Wheel of Growth consists of four elements.

  • Knowledge
  • Environment
  • Resources
  • Habits

And each element is broken into smaller segments

  • Knowledge
      • Intuition
      • Tactical
      • Strategic
  • Environment
      • Family
      • Society
      • Community
  • Resources
      • Capital
      • Tools
      • Relationships
  • Habits
      • Physical
      • Personal
      • Professional

The combination of these four elements of life ultimately determines where our life can go, though not as a single picture but as a range of probabilities.

And to change what is probable for our life, we simply change what our Wheel of Growth consists of.

Think of your own life and any life you might desire. Assuming your desired life is within the bounds of physical law (i.e. you’re not wishing to live on Jupiter), it would have to be achieved through some combination of Knowledge, Environment, Resources, and Habits.

How To Use It

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If the Wheel of Growth determines the range of possibilities for our life, then what determines how successful we will be in altering those possibilities as well as the probabilities of achieving them?

Which life we end up with within the range of those predictions by our Wheel of Growth simply comes down to what we do and the decisions we make every day.

 In this sense, life is not complicated at all.

Being oriented toward the future does not change our need to perform in the present and given what Heisenberg has taught us (that fixating on the present will create uncertainty in our future), we need some way to “set and forget” our daily actions so we can rely on the fact that they will be prudent and consistent without having to divert our focus from where we’re going.

We need something akin to an intelligent autopilot for our entire life, an operating system that can make our decisions and take our actions for us or at least provide a logical framework for acting and deciding while using as little bandwidth as possible.

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