Praise from the Trail

“The instruction and activities at INFLUENCE are phenomenal. I now realize the importance of having a purpose. And while I’m responsible for carrying it out, I’m now connected with people who want to help me succeed.”

Tim Filichia

“I felt like my goals were moving targets that I could never seem to reach. But after INFLUENCE, I feel whole again. I finally know my purpose and path forward. I know that I’m not walking it alone. I’ve been adopted into this amazing community of world changers.”

Angel Toledo

“Before I came here I felt like I wasn’t enough. Todd and the staff have helped me realize I am enough. They’ve given me the tools to accomplish my goals. And the lifelong friends I’ve made along the way, have made it so worth it.”

McKenna Cloward

“Going to IMPACT allowed me to dig deep and find out there was a different person inside myself. Someone who is truly authentic. This has set me on a totally new path in life, and I feel unstoppable.”

Adam Field

“I experienced and went into places that I’ve never been. That has been healing for me. The speaker, Todd, is phenomenal. He’s like a walking University.”

Shashonee Sales

“I knew we would dig deep, and it might get emotional. And sometimes that’s not comfortable. But when you’re not comfortable, that’s when you grow. Now, I feel like we can take our lives to the next level and serve so many more people.”

Megan and Steve Perzia

“Insight will take me and my business to the next level. Because I have tools now and have dealt with things I never knew were issues. Now, I can put those things behind me or deal with them healthily.”

Shane Eastman

"Entre has really helped me to face head on what I need to work on in my life, my physical goals, financial goals and social goals. I've lost 40 pounds since winter."

Jason Signor

“I’ve started doing push ups, I’m walking, I’m already down some pounds. I’m building more and more each day. I have a goal to reach, and now I’m on my journey doing it.”

Timothia Hogan

“When I got into ENTRE, I was able to have a lifestyle change. People that know me would say I was more motivated. I was positive. I was healthy. I’ve lost 27 pounds and it’s all because of the lifestyle change.”

Ryan Polk

“It's been great since we’ve been part of ENTRE, because the community is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Yes, you have the support of the actual company. But sometimes, it’s the support of the community and other students that really helps us through all the problems we have along the way.”

Megan and Steve Perzia

“The Internet is filled with get-rich-quick schemes. At ENTRE, I found none of that. I found a way to improve myself not only as a person -philosophically, emotionally, mentally- but also as a way to pursue my dreams, passions and financial freedom.”

Charles Burt

“What hooked me was that ENTRE Institute, as a whole, advocates first for self-development, but then offers invaluable training, tools, resources on how to become a thriving entrepreneur.”

Jade Cirone

“I’ve done things since INFLUENCE that I never thought I could do because I now understand that I have one life and I don’t get to live it again. So I’ll do whatever it takes to realize my dreams.”

Lucas Meye

“I just left the Air Force after 18 years. My family was not supportive of me joining ENTRE, as they thought I was getting into a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve turned this around by showing them the progress I’m making with my business. And I even invited my wife to join me at the most recent ENTRE event.”

Ryan Flynn

“I had started a digital marketing agency, but I was confused about the direction I wanted to go in. I had no mentorship at all. I’m so thankful I made the investment in ENTRE. The community is amazing. The material is so straightforward and thorough.”

Teyler Mosely

“I used to own and operate a health club. But I knew I couldn’t have a brick-and-mortar business any longer. I needed to be untethered. ENTRE’s education helped me grow an online, in-home, and club business.”

Dave Mugavero

“My wife passed away, and that was my rock bottom. But I still had this hunger to just want more out of life, not only for me but for my kids. I saw that ENTRE focuses on all areas of life -physical, personal and professional- and that it’s not just about getting rich quickly. I knew that was the balance I really needed.”

Mark Riley
Dallas , Texas

“I always wanted a life of freedom… but I never knew how to get there. I am now in a position to say that I have the tools to take control of my own life.”

Brandon Stanton

Richmond, Virginia

“I am a published author and a professional writer. My interest in ENTRE came from my desire to take my knowledge and productivity to the next level and earn some residual income with this work. The coaches are friendly, helpful, and inviting, and you feel supported throughout this process.”


Heather Carson

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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