Crack the Leadership Code With The 6 Disciplines of Strategic Thinking | Michael Watkins #302

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About The Episode :

In this captivating episode of Unlock Your Potential, we sit down with Michael Watkins, an expert on leadership transition and organizational success, and best-selling author of the renowned book, The First 90 Days.
Michael shares his invaluable insights and proven strategies for successfully navigating leadership transitions and achieving organizational success. Whether you’re stepping into a new leadership role or looking to enhance your existing skills, this episode is packed with actionable advice and transformative tips.
In this episode, we explore:
🔹 Life’s Transitions: How to navigate significant changes with confidence
🔹 Strategic Thinking: The six disciplines every leader should master
🔹 Leadership at Every Level: Making an impact no matter where you are
🔹 Moving Fast: How to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing environment
🔹 Artificial Intelligence: Integrating new technologies into your leadership strategy
🔹 Love-Based Leadership: Leading with empathy and compassion
Michael Watkins, recognized globally for his expertise, has helped countless leaders transition smoothly and drive their organizations to new heights. His groundbreaking work has been featured in top publications and utilized by leaders worldwide.
🔥 Don’t miss this chance to learn from a leading expert in leadership transition!

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