Welcome to Life Design

The #1 regret of the dying* is having lived a life based around other peoples' expectations...

At ENTRE we believe you should design and live your own life…. and we want to help.

*according to National Institute of Health

Life Design: a results-backed system that anyone, regardless of circumstances or abilities, can use to create a more fulfilling and rewarding life - physically, personally, & professionally.

Enough rah rah and mindset training... Real transformation requires tactics and strategies for dealing with practical questions that MUST be answered to make the changes we want to make in our lives.

Questions like:
- How do I find more time?
- How do I make more money?
- How do I get my loved ones onboard?
- How do I do what I'm passionate about AND pay my bills?
- How do I feel more energized?

- How do I build risk-tolerance?
- How do I quit my bad habits?

ENTRE puts all the skills, tools, & support you need to redesign your life under one roof & gives you a guided implementation system for doing so called Life Design (TM). Based on over a decade of research and real world results from over 250,000 students, ENTRE’s Life Design methodology allows you to reengineer your life to be more fulfilling, rewarding, and lucrative across the 3 key dimensions of life – physical, personal, & professional – all while finding your unique purpose and forging a life of no regret or wasted potential.

Whether you’re looking for a wholesale life reset or just to make a few tweaks, ENTRE has the program for you. We realize it sounds audacious (“one program to transform my whole life!”) and honestly if we didn’t have thousands of success stories we’d understand if you didn’t believe us. But we do have those success stories so we encourage you to consider the possibility that one simple decision could change your whole life.

What’s troubling you? Need to change your body or health? Got bad habits you can’t shake? Problems in your marriage? Problems in other relationships? Stuck in a job you don’t love? Underpaid? Undervalued? Just don’t like the way you feel?

And what about going beyond just what’s troubling you, what about what you’re fully capable of? Don’t feel like you’re living up to your potential? Feel like you’ve stalled out at good but not great? Losing passion in some area of your life?

ENTRE’s Life Design methodology can help with all of it, or just pieces of it. Life Design supports you in making whatever changes you want to take on. It’s a 3 step process that looks simple on the surface but goes as deep as you want to go with it.

Step 1:

Lay Your Personal Foundation

Step 2:

Install The Life Operating System

Step 3:

Create & Execute Your Life Design Plan

Life didn't come with an owner's manual. We're here to change that.

Purpose -> Process -> Plan = Life of Success & Fulfillment

1. The Foundation

We believe every human has a unique purpose and that finding it is the key to experiencing fulfillment, but "finding your purpose" can be a big, daunting lift! Our process starts with what you already know (what you're good at + what you've experienced) and helps you sift through the clues of what's called "Implicit Cognition", which means what you believe about the world, what you value, and ultimately what you already know you're here to accomplish.

2. Daily "3 Ps" OS

Living our purpose and achieving fulfillment sounds nice, right up until we try to do it and life smacks us in the face. By installing ENTRE's "3 Ps Life Operating System (TM)" (physical + personal + professional) we get our lives in fighting shape so that as our purpose emerges we are equipped to live it. With the 3 Ps Life OS in place our life gets better across all areas WHILE we start to step into purpose and more positively impact the world.

3. Work the Process

Once the foundation is set and the operating system is in place it's time to chart the course forward. ENTRE's process takes you through the "3 Phases of Legacy" (Income, growth, Wealth) and helps you identify the right "Success Vehicles" for each phase. For most people that starts with an Income Vehicle to help re-engineer our relationship with income (ie earn more, earn it a different way, or both). Life Design brings together the practical and the profound... living a life of purpose while dealing with life's realities.

"That's great... but how do I make money?"
(We're glad you asked)